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John Oakley

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 4th December 1638
Probate Date: 30th January 1638/9
Mentioned in the probate: John Turney and William Prentise, executors and Christopher Sclater, vicar
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/179

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives


In the name of God I John Oakley of Layton Bussard within the County of Bedford Carpenter being sicke in body but praysed be Almighty God of perfect memory doe make this my last will & Testam[en]t in maner following First I Comend my Soule unto Almighty God the Father sonn & holy ghost Three glorious persons but one Imortall essence And my body to be decently buryed at the discrec[i]on of Mr. Sharrocke Mr. Danvers & Mr. Turney aftermenc[i]oned And for the worly state which God in mercy hath bestowed on mee My will is to dispose of in maner following First whereas I am diversly indebted unto sundry persons in severall somes My will is that all my land lyeing & being in Draighton p[ar]slowe in the County of Buck[ingham], of what nature or terme soever Togeither with the Comons & appurtenannces there unto belonging with my Houses Yardes pitles Closes barnes & whatsoever I have there shalbe all soulde to the best worth thereof; and all my debtes to be payd And what shall remayne & be left of the moneys (my debtes & funeralls being discharged & my mother being agreed withall & satisfied for her dower & right in the said land) shalbe devided amongst my Wife & Children as followeth. The said money remayning of the sale of my landes shalbe devided into nyne partes or porc[i]ons equally. Whereof I give unto my beloved wife Katerine twoe partes thereof being soe devided Likewise I give unto my eldest sonne John Oakeley twoe partes thereof The other five partes or divisions I bestowe as followeth That is I give unto my fower Younger Children Edward Oakley Roger Okeley Joane Oakley & Temperance Oakley to either of them one parte or division thereof; And whereas my wife is now greate with Child My will is that if it please God that shee be safe delivered & the Child doe live That that Child shall have that other parte or porc[i]on as a Legacye from mee yf it dye then that porc[i]on to be equally devided amongst my wife & the rest of my Children And if it please God that any of my Children now in being shall departe this life before their porc[i]ones be due That that p[ar]te or porc[i]on of him or her soe dyeing shalbe equally devided betweene the rest of my Children then lyveing Allsoe my will is that all the rest of my goodes & debtes shalbe devided into nyne equall p[ar]tes & distributed amongst my wife & Children as the remaynder of the sale of my land is appointed And whereas the Children are all young & must have p[re]sent mayntenance My will is that those whome I interest in the sale of my landes & goodes shall put out their porc[i]ons to the best advantage & allowe the proffitt thereof towardes their maintenance And when any use my Children bee fitt to be Apprentises my will & desire that they doe bynd them out And if the proffittes of their porc[i]ons will not doe it Then to take what shalbe sufficient according to their discrec[i]ons out of their stockes Furthermore I doe hereby intreate my good frendes Mr. Thomas Danvers of Reach within the parish of Layton Bussard & Mr. John Turney of Hollenden within the parish of Soulbury to take upon them the sale of my land & goodes aforesaid Houses Yardes Closes & land at Draighton p[ar]slow aforesaid & of all my goodes & Chattells there wheresoever they shalbe found giveing them full & absolute power to sell & alienate the premises & every parte & parcell thereof by Deede Lease or any other way as they shalbe advised by Councell learned in the lawes to assure the same to the aforesaid uses & for the dischargeing of such necessary expences as they or any of them shalbe put unto in the manageing & ordering the thinges in this my last will expressed. In wittnes hereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the fourth daie of December in the yeare of o[u]r Lord God One Thousand six hundred thirtie & eight 1638. And in the fourteenth yeare of the raigne of o[u]r Soveraigne Lord King Charles &c The name or marke of John Okeley. Sealed signed & delivered in the p[re]sence of The marke of William Prentice Edward Walker The marke of William Smith of Brickhill mag[na] The m[ar]ke of Katherine Oakley uxor.
And I the said John Oakeley doe hereby nominate ordayne & appoint the above named John Turney & my Unkle William Prentice to be Executors of this my last will & Testament In the p[re]sence of Robert Sharrocke Edw[ard] Wilkes Thomas Hillersdon Ollever Thorneton ./.
And I the said John Oakeley doe hereby will that Mr. Robert Sharrocke shall have my howses & landes \in/ Drayton & all my estate therein According to the Articles betweene mee & him And that Mr. Danvers & John Turney shall make sale of the p[re]misses to to him according to the said Articles And desire this Clause & the former Clause to be parte of my said will ./ John Oakeley

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